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Game on

Game on

This post marks the official kick-off of Diverge. Game on. This is it. Diverge is in it now. What makes us different is that we are in it for you as well.

We called our brand Diverge because we wanted to deliver sneakers that are original and different while also putting you and your uniqueness front and center: that is why Diverge made customization the cornerstone of its offer and why its symbol – the I in Diverge – can only be completed by what you put in it. If all goes as planned, every pair of sneakers Diverge makes will be one of kind. Just as you are.

As a project that is just starting, Diverge blends ambition, hope and excitement in equal measure. Diverge has the ambition of being chosen by you to make customized sneakers and we have put a lot of talent and effort to develop a portfolio of sneakers that is novel and relevant in the today’s world. Diverge hopes to support – through the customization of a key fashion accessory – those who want to express who they are and who want to take their destiny into their own hands. Finally, Diverge is excited about having the opportunity to surprise you in every touchpoint or interaction and looks forward to getting your feedback so it can keep getting better.

Diverge is in it now, but in it for you. In the future, this blog will present you with a wide variety of contents: from design trends to product launches, from stories of people like you that are making their own way to ideas to get you started on your own path. If you decide to join us in the journey that starts today, Diverge promises to make your time worthwhile.

Diverge. Make your own way.

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