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Premium Materials

While elsewhere the industry keeps reducing the quality in mainstream sneakers, DiVERGE has sourced premium materials from Portugal and Italy – from four different types of leather, to 100% rubber soles and many types of textiles.

Freedom of choice

Choose from 9 different colors of leather, 10 of suede or 9 of grain leather (often called floater). Would you like your favourite color to be available? Drop us a line at support@diverge-sneakers.com so we can source the color you want.

Excellence in shoemaking

DiVERGE Sneakers are produced in a highly experienced sneaker manufacturer in Portugal. This family owned, third generation company has state of the art facilities, an ethical work culture and a true commitment to the craft of shoemaking.

A perfect match

What starts as loose pieces of premium leather, rubber soles, lining and cotton laces is transformed, by our experienced shoemakers, into a sneaker of pure craft and the highest quality.