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MANICÓMIO is the first outsider art gallery and studio in Portugal working exclusively with artists who have or have had mental health issues.

Located in Lisbon, this creative hub is a space that fosters creativity, innovation and co-creation between artists and other creatives. MANICÓMIO is the result of over 20 years of labour to bring dignity and recognition to artists who are simply excluded from the art world because of their mental health issues.

There is a perfect fit between what MANICÓMIO is working for and what DiVERGE stands for: a platform that allows everyone to tell their story through their sneakers.

Therefore, we invited artists from MANICÓMIO to use our sneakers as canvas to showcase their art and their - oftentimes difficult - journey, while rewarding them (they receive 20% for every pair sold).

Bráulio is the first artist to be featured in this collaboration.

Born in Lisbon in 1983, he portrays a "Real World" between humans and animals, plants and flowers, a path of certainties that get creased in paper. With a silent sketch that gives birth to colour and joy, Bráulio creates a new reality, one we all crave.