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按“添加到购物车”购买此配色。或通过按“自定义”来更改颜色和材料或添加独特的说明,使您的运动鞋成为其中一种。 景观帆布是在葡萄牙手工制作的,并使用优质材料来确保质量,舒适性和耐用性。 

我们建议您从常规的欧盟尺寸中选择一种尺寸。 您的运动鞋不合适吗?免费换货和退货!


按“添加到购物车”购买此配色。或通过按“自定义”来更改颜色和材料或添加独特的说明,使您的运动鞋成为其中一种。 景观帆布是在葡萄牙手工制作的,并使用优质材料来确保质量,舒适性和耐用性。 

我们建议您从常规的欧盟尺寸中选择一种尺寸。 您的运动鞋不合适吗?免费换货和退货!


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When will I get my order?
All our products are made to order in a craft workshop in Portugal, taking usually 15 days. After that, your order will be delivered by DHL through Express Shipping and, depending on your country, it might take between 2 to 4 business days for your order to get to you. You will receive updates regarding shipment through email or message. Please wait 4 business days to receive your order but please contact us by e-mail ( in case it does not happen so we can assist your promptly.    

How is the delivery done?
Your order will be delivered by DHL. We only offer Express Shipping because it guarantees that your sneakers and its packaging arrive in perfect conditions in 2-4 business days (depending on the country) after they are made in a craft workshop in Portugal. You will receive updates regarding shipment through email or message. Please wait 4 business days to receive your order but please contact us by e-mail ( in case it does not happen so we can assist your promptly.  

Can I track my order?
Yes. After completing your purchase, you will receive your order number by email. You will thus have access to all the shipping states of your order, in constant connection with the carrier in question (DHL). You will receive updates regarding shipment through email or message.     

What if I am not at the indicated address?
If in the first delivery you are not at the indicated address, you will be contacted by DHL to arrange for a new date of delivery. If you do not receive your order within 4 business days, please contact us by e-mail (


Can I return a product?

Can I return a product?
Yes, you can. Although all our products are made to order and customized by you for you, we accept returns and exchanges. However, you will need contact us by e-mail (, within 15 days after you receive your order. After that, we can't accept it.

Please be aware that this right to exchange only occurs if the products:

  • Have not been washed or used;
  • Maintain their original features and the packaging is not damaged (packages that have been carefully opened are not considered as damaged);
  • Have not been tampered with.

Free returns are not applicable if you choose to order two pairs or more in your order. In those cases, we reserve the right to only offer you free exchanges or, at least, charge you for the return of the extra sneakers you have ordered and wish to return. As a brand that wants to try to produce only what it sells to have a minimal impact in the environment, we want to disincentivize those who order several pairs to see which one they like the most but always planned to keep only one.

    How do I return or exchange a product?
    To return or exchange your package you should contact us by email at, so we can arrange for all the necessary details to exchange your product and package. In case of an exchange, after receiving the product and checking its integrity, we will proceed to its exchange. DiVERGE allows for one free exchange.

    I received a defective product. What should I do?
    We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, if you feel that we have sent you a defective product, please notify us regarding the defect through Once we receive the defective product, a gift card will be issued so you can order a new product.


    Plain Leather: Apply a thin layer of leather balm and once it’s dry, gently brush to keep the finish of the leather always in good conditions. Opt for softer hog bristles to make sure you don’t damage your sneakers. A leather protector spray is also an option to consider.

    Suede: Use a brush to gently remove any dirt or dust. Brush in the direction of the fabric’s grain to avoid damaging it. Dry stains can be removed by using a white or brown gum eraser. If it doesn't work we advise you to visit your local cobbler and get additional advice.

    Nubuck: Nubuck cloths are the best option to remove dirt and shiny spots. Wipe in several directions using circular motions and make sure you cover the entire nap area.

    Rubber Soles: Clean the dirt with a dampened cloth and carefully soak the sole in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Make sure you don’t soak the upper part! Use a toothbrush with the mixture to scrub your soles. Once it’s done, dry the sneakers using a cloth.

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