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Landscape @max.loewe

Landscape @max.loewe

The customization for the Landscape model is dedicated to my hometown of Kassel, and the monuments within the city as well as the nature around it. 

A specific inspiration for the design is the castle of Wilhelmsthal, which is located north of Kassel near Calden. 

The castle was built between 1747 and 1761 for Landgraf Wilhelm VIII. von Hessen-Kassel and is surrounded by a beautiful park which is open to the public.

The cascading colors of the castle is something perfectly encapsulated on the Landscape thanks to the numerous color options for each layer. Emerald green, sky blue, along with black and white elements help reflect the colors of the window shutters, handrails, roof, and the walls of this time-weathered relic. The bright details intermixed with the neutral color blocks give the classy silhouette some colorful highlights.


Landscape Sneakers in green tones customized by @max.loewe

@max.loewe using his Diverge SneakersCustom DiVERGE Sneakers in black, emerald green, artic blue and snow white

Max is from Germany. Check him out at @max.loewe

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