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Our workshops are off to a short and much needed summer break.

Our workshops are off to a short and much needed summer break.

 The first semester of 2021 was challenging. We all wanted 2020 to be done and buried but it decided to extend its challenges into the current year. Our workshops have faced and - once again - overcome most of those challenges while flawlessly handcrafting the sneakers our community asks for, helping DiVERGE to grow in the process. We are grateful for their professionalism, dedication and craft.

Now it is time for them to take some time off and recover their spirits and energy, which is especially critical in a time where most of us are dealing with stress created by the pandemic. As a brand that wants to generate impact in our community, working with workshops that are ethical and take care of their employees is critical for us as we want to contribute to a change of paradigm in the fashion industry. 

Therefore, our workshops will be off from the 11th to the 27th of August. What does this mean for you and your order? DiVERGE will remain fully operational but our sneakers will take more than the two weeks they usually take to be crafted and delivered. While orders made until the beginning of August might still be delivered before the break, we can only guarantee delivery after the 30th of August.

Join us in supporting ethical businesses by wishing our workshops a great holiday and ordering your next pair of sneakers so they can come back to work in high spirits.

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