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The acceptance of sneakers into the everyday fashion vocabulary has continued to build momentum over the last few years.

Looking back, we recognise that they first started sneak”ing” in our imagination around 2014, with the “athleisure” trend. Yet today, sneakers are stronger than ever, representing an essencial part of our footwear choices.

They are no longer the secondary character of a lifestyle trend. They are the protagonists, responsible for propelling their own story forward.

Today’s post is about the stories being told in 2019. And despite being fully aware that outlining specific sneaker trends is never an exact science but more of an insightful interpretation of the present that hopes to predict the immediate future. Personally, I just enjoy the challenge.



Recently, Adidas did some consumer research in the U.S.A. and Europe that stated that sneakerheads are increasingly interested in the outdoors, especially if they live in bigger cities. Even those who do not hike still love the active lifestyle associated with it. So expect 2019 to bring you sneakers that indicate functionality through rubber soles with strong grips and reinforced uppers designed to support the foot.

Trail Sneakers 2019 Trend



This trend is not about inserting technology into the sneaker from a functional perspective, though that is definitely in the works. A tech inspired sneaker is a sneaker that blurs the lines between traditional structural design and computational graphics and imagery, adding visually distinctive elements. 

Tech Inspired Sneakers - Trends 2019



The classic canvas sneakers are never fully out of fashion, are they? Somehow, the
classics always find a way to stay relevant. This time around, they are keeping themselves in the game with platform soles and integral toe caps in both high and low styles.

Canvas Sneakers - Trends 2019



The sneaker industry will raise the bet made on the chunky sneaker by over-designing sneakers that will use amplified proportions to make even bigger statements.

Inflated and bold soles will be combined with different textures, materials and colors for impactful sneaker launches. 

Exaggerated Proportions - Sneaker Trends 2019



The photos we take of ourselves to post are, more than ever, our calling card to the world.

In this context, bright and vibrant colours have gained importance: color reinforces
individuality and brings wonder and joy almost immediately due to its positive
psychological impact. In 2019, you will see bold combinations of colours and materials that will surprise you and keep things interesting in the most visual era of all time.

Sneakers with color - Sneaker Trends 2019



A new wave of materials is finally hitting the mainstream in 2019, from transparent PU uppers that can be worn with or without socks (we support the use of socks, in case you are wondering!) to translucent soles for a fresh finishing touch. Coupled with some of the trends identified before, transparent and see-through materials promise to impress in the short term.

Transparent - See trough  sneakers - Sneaker Trends 2019